Less Important Publications

Papers that describes Heffernan's role in the EDM community.

O1     Nawaz, S., Marbouti, F. & Strobel, J. (2014). Analysis of the Community of Learning Analytics. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-974/lakdatachallenge2013_05.pdf. Retrieved November 1, 2014, from http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-974/lakdatachallenge2013_05.pdf

Young Research Track Papers

In the Computer Science research field these types of papers usually represents work of a PhD student at a level that says that the work looks promising but not ready for publication. PhD students then get extra feedback at the conference.


YR5   Almeida, S., Vartak, M & Heffernan, N. (2008). Supporting the Generation of Isomorphic Tutoring Content Intelligent Tutoring System Conference 2008 - Young Researchers Track

YR4   Guo, Yu, Beck, J. & Heffernan, N. (2008). Trying to Reduce Bottom-out hinting: Will telling student how many hints they have left help? Intelligent Tutoring System Conference 2008 - Young Researchers Track

YR3   Feng, M., Heffernan, N., Beck, J. & Koedinger, K. (2008). Can we predict which groups of questions students will learn from? Intelligent Tutoring System Conference 2008 - Young Researchers Track

YR2   Pardos, Z., Heffernan, N., Ruiz, C., Beck, J. (2008). Effective Skill Assessment Using Expectation Maximization in a Multi Network Temporal Bayesian Network Intelligent Tutoring System Conference 2008 - Young Researchers Track

YR1   Heffernan, N. T. (2000). Adding a cognitive model of human tutor to an intelligent tutoring systems. Intelligent Tutoring System Conference- Young Researchers Track. (Work later led to D1)

Articles Invited or Planned 

AIoP1 Pradhan, P. Saleem, M., Singh, R., Heffernan, C. & Heffernan, N. (submitted). Can we insist students reach proficiency on homework? Yes! Submitted to the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. Wiley Blackwell. A longer version is available as WPI CS Technical Report Number 2010 #10.    

AIoP2 Pardos,Z. & Heffernan, N. (never happened). Using HMMs and bagged decision trees to leverage rich features of user and skill from an intelligent tutoring system dataset. Journal of Machine Learning Research.  Volume and Pages numbers forthcoming.

Trivedi, Pardos, & Heffernan (in prep) The Utility of Clustering in Prediction Tasks.  https://arxiv.org/pdf/1509.06163.pdf

Papers in Progress

PIP 3   WPI-CS-TR-08-07 is assigned to NTH on Mon Aug 25, 2008. Title: "An Analysis of Middle-School Math Errors Across Schools" Authors: Weitz, Neil T. Heffernan, Rosenthal, and Mingyu Feng

CP66 Selent, D., Adjei, S. A., Li, B., & Heffernan, N. T. (rejected).  Refining learning Maps with Data Fitting Techniques: What Factors Matter?  S. Trausen-Mato, K. Boyer & M. Crosby (Eds.) Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems. 

Tech Reports

Masters Thesis I want to Keep Handy

Yan Wang Master's Thesis

Sklyar Whorton's Master Thesis 

Corey Belhumeur's Masters Thesis

Broderick, Z., Master Thesis. A follow on study from J12.

This list is mainly for reference.

WPI-CS-TD-10-11 (pdf) Can we insist students reach proficiency on homework? Yes! Prabodha R. Pradhan, Muhammad B. Saleem,  Ravi Singh, Cristina Heffernan, Neil T. Heffernan, Leena Razzaq, Matthew D. Dailey, Cristine O'Connor &  Courtney Mulcahy

WPI-CS-TR-10-10 (pdfStudents learn more with computer-supported homework.  Submitted to  Computers and Education.  Elsevier Ltd.   Ravi Singh, Muhammad B. Saleem, Prabodha R. Pradhan, Cristina Heffernan, Neil T. Heffernan, Leena Razzaq, Matthew D. Dailey, Cristine O'Connor & Courtney Mulcahy

WPI-CS-TR-10-09 (pdf) Mastery Learning and Its Effect in ASSISTment (May 2010) Zach Broderick & Neil Heffernan

WPI-CS-TR-10-08 (pdf) Increasing parent engagement in student learning using an Intelligent Tutoring System (May 2010) Zachary R. Broderick, Christine O'Connor, Courtney Mulcahy, Neil T. Heffernan &  Cristina L. Heffernan

WPI-CS-TR-08-06 (pdfThe International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education Special Issue on Authoring Tools. (Submitted)

WPI-CS-TR-08-03 (pdf) Cost-Effective Content Creation with Variabilization (March 2008). Manasi P. Vartak, Shane F. Almeida & Neil T. Heffernan

WPI-CS-TR-08-02 (pdf) Lessons Learned from Scaling Up a Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring System (March 2008). Jozsef Patvarczki, Shane F. Almeida, Joseph E. Beck & Neil T. Heffernan

WPI-CS-TR-07-04 (pdf) Measuring Student Engagement in an Intelligent Tutoring System (May 2007). Nicholas M. Lloyd

WPI-CS-TR-06-12 (pdf) Scaling up the Server-based ASSISTment ITS: Speed and Reliability (Jun 2006). Kai Rasmussen, Jozsef Patvarczki & Neil T. Heffernan.

WPI-CS-TR-06-08 (pdf Common Tutor Object Platform: an e-Learning Software Development Strategy (May 2006). Goss Nuzzo-Jones, Michael Macasek, Jason Walonoski, Kai Rasmussen & Neil T. Heffernan.

WPI-CS-TR-06-07 (pdf Towards Enabling Collaboration in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (May 2006). Michael A. Macasek & Neil T. Heffernan.

WPI-CS-TR-06-06 (pdf) Knowledge Engineering for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Using machine learning assistance to help humans tag questions to skills based upon the words in the questions (May 2006). Kevin Kardian & Neil T. Heffernan.

WPI-CS-TR-06-05 (pdf) Prevention of Off-Task Gaming Behavior in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (May 2006). Jason Walonoski & Neil T. Heffernan.

WPI-CS-TR-03-31 (pdf) An Evaluation of the Run-Time Performance of the Model-Tracing Algorithm of Two Different Production Systems: JESS and TDK (August 2003). Sanket Choksey and Neil Heffernan.