SRI Efficacy Grant Pubs

The publications that are most directly related to IES grant efficacy trail grant are listed below. 

The Main Result:
    1. Rochelle, J., Feng, M., Murphy, R. & Mason, C. (2016). Online Mathematics Homework Increases Student Achievement.  AERA OPEN.  October-December 2016, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 1–12.   DOI: 10.1177/2332858416673968. 
    2. Rochelle, J., Feng, M., Murphy, R., Mason, C. & Fairman, J. (2017) Rigor and Relevance in an Efficacy Study of an Online Mathematics Homework Intervention Intervention .  Paper presented at The Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness Spring Conference.  Presented March 2nd 2017.  Slides
    And these smaller papers along the way
    1.  Feng, M., Roschelle, J., Heffernan, N., Fairman, J. & Murphy, R. (2014). Implementation of an Intelligent Tutoring System for Online Homework Support in an Efficacy Trial.  In Stefan Trausan-Matu, et al. (Eds) The Proceeding of the International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring 2014.  LNCS 8474.  pp 561-566. (42% acceptance rate. A longer version is here)
    2. Feng, M., Roschelle, J., Murphy, R. & Heffernan, N. (2014). Using Analytics for Improving Fidelity in an Large Scale Efficacy Trial. International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2014. Published version.
    3. Feng, M. & Roschelle, J. (2016) Predicting Students' Standardized Test Scores Using Online Homework. L@S 2016: 213-216
    4. Feng, M., Roschelle, J., Mason, C. & Bhanot, R. (2016) Investigating Gender Difference on Homework in Middle School Mathematics. In Barnes, Chi & Feng (eds) The 9th International Conference on Educational Data Mining. pp 364-369.