MQP and IQP Projects

I am happy to advise
  1. software engineering topics related to building stuff in  
    1. AUTOMATIC REASSESSMENT AND RELEARNING SYSTEM (ARRS): A feature that is popular for spacing out time.  (Based in MQP by Sam Song)  
    2. Placement: a new feature that gives computer adaptive tests and practice (Past student: Larrisa)
    3. Software Development Kit for the ASSISTments Family of applications (Past student: Spiro)
    4. How to crowdsource from teacher and students problems (answers and solutions and feedback)  from every textbook in America. (Three summer undergraduates )
  2. deep learning: data mining related to predicts students knowledge using assistments data sets.  
    1. Researchers at Google and Stanford applied Deep Learning to predicts Khan Academy Data and ASSISTments Data.    We use TensorFlow to beat them at this game.  The data set they used is here .  (Current Student: Nick and Cameron)
  3. DocASSIST: Something related to DocAssists: an IQP and MQP projects that already exists (Current Student: Fabio; Many past student like  Corey and Trevor plus Sam and Nick)
  4. Mobile App Development:  ASSISTments already has a iOS app and an Android version.  There is work that can be done on mobile.  (Past student:Harry)
  5. We have build a version of ASSISTments that run in Google Classroom.  If you want to get some experience using some google API, this is a nice project.  (Past Student Matt)
  6. My Ph.D. advisee Korinn Ostrow and I will also be running the ASSISTments Educational Research IQP see flyer for more information.

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My video where I describe these is here

I have written two positions pieces on crowdsourcing and open ed. tech. platforms for research.  

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