Tenure Track Position for a Causal-Inference Statistician

WPI is conducting a tenure track search for a causal inference statistician. I am the Director of the prestigious Learning Sciences and Technologies (LS&T) program at WPI, and this position would provide a very unique opportunity for a causal inference candidate. 

A special strength that WPI offers is the fact that ASSISTments, a site that I created, is used by 50,000 K-12 students for classwork and homework assignments. I, with a dozen other researchers, have embedded into the platform 100+ randomized controlled trials. This resource and the active experimental platform we are using has allowed multiple faculty at WPI to collaborate with causal inference statisticians. For instance, a recent paper titled "Using Big Data to Sharpen Design-Based Inference in A/B Tests" allowed us to show how we could reduce the standard error in predicting the average treatment effects in 22 experiments. Our methodological improvement is reducing standard errors by 30% on average and is being written up as a JASA article (in Applications and Case Studies). The paper allows us to use modern methods (i.e., Deep Learning) but in a way that does not interfere with our ability to draw the strongest causal inference possible.

If the idea of working in educational technology and in helping us pioneer new methods to better personalize learning excites you, please consider applying. Come help figure out the next methodological improvement in analyzing such sets of experiments. Of course, the long-term goal is to figure out how to personalize learning (i.e., which student should be given which treatment). 

The Learning Science and Technologies PhD program accounts for more research grant funding than any other program at WPI. The 5 core faculty raised 5 million dollars in the last year alone, and we are excited to work together with a causal inference statistician.  
Please apply via the Math Department’s job ad.

I am not on the search committee, so I am happy to chat (Neil Heffernan at nth@wpi.edu) with potential candidates that think they would like to interact with the LS&T faculty. Worcester was just featured on NPR as a great place to live! WPI recently created the PhD program in statistics, so this is a good time to join this growing area!