ASSISTments project Manager

Once an Executive Director is hired The ASSISTments Foundation will be hiring a Project Manager. This person will be responsible for supporting enterprise-wide projects. The Project Manager will assist the Director in leading and documenting project activities, and may lead sub-components of a Project. The Project Manager is also responsible for planning and coordinating project related activities of small and medium size projects that will vary in scope including the management of resources in a university environment.

About The ASSISTments Foundation

The ASSISTments Foundation is an entity that promotes the use of ASSISTments by teachers and researchers across the country. Cristina and Dr. Neil Heffernan are the husband and wife team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute who created ASSISTments, one of the most highly regarded education platforms in the country. ASSISTments is completely free. ASSISTments has begun to crowdsource hints and explanations for all the commonly used questions in middle school mathematics, in particular those offered as Open Educational Resources (OER). Teachers would be reluctant to contribute their work if they thought we were selling ASSISTments. By keeping ASSISTments free, we will be able to impact as many teachers and students as possible!

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage large projects from idea generation to implementation.
  • Document and maintain projects.
  • Create and maintain general operating and project budgets.
  • Ensure that team members understand their role and responsibilities

Required Qualifications

  • Passion for improving K-12 education.
  • Experience in people management.
  • Demonstrated ability to think creatively to identify and solve problems.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Demonstrated experience with education technology and tools.
  • Experience working in nonprofit settings.

Application Requirements for this Position.

Please submit your application materials to Cristina Heffernan at

  • Submit a letter of interest describing your background, pertinent skills and why you would be a successful candidate for the job.
  • Include a resume of your education and work experience and provide a personal email and phone number.
  • Be prepared to provide a list of references.
  • We will keep your application on file until we are ready to hire (that is once the new Executive Director is in place).