User Experience Engineer

Once an Executive Director is hired The ASSISTments Foundation will be hiring a User Experience (UX) Engineer. This engineer will be responsible for making iterative improvements to the ASSISTments UX. The UX Engineer will survey the perspectives of teachers, school administrators and fellow ASSISTments staff members and carry out important changes. This will help us reach our vision of using technology to help students and teachers!

About The ASSISTments Foundation

The ASSISTments Foundation is an entity that promotes the use of ASSISTments by teachers and researchers across the country. Cristina and Dr. Neil Heffernan are the husband and wife team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute who created ASSISTments, one of the most highly regarded education platforms in the country. ASSISTments is completely free. ASSISTments has begun to crowdsource hints and explanations for all the commonly used questions in middle school mathematics, in particular those offered as Open Educational Resources (OER). Teachers would be reluctant to contribute their work if they thought we were selling ASSISTments. By keeping ASSISTments free, we will be able to impact as many teachers and students as possible!

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Prototype cutting edge interfaces in a fast-paced production environment; develop highly reusable code that can be componentized and easily consumed by other developers.
  • Research new software to incorporate into the ASSISTments technology stack, promote UX best practices and evangelize design and development frameworks across the business.
  • Build strong relationships and with leaders inside and outside their core product team to efficiently implement user experiences that are cohesive, inclusive, and well informed.

Required Qualifications:

  • Self-starter who is solution-oriented, passionate and thoughtful about their work.
  • Exceptional CSS skills and experience using Sass or similar preprocessor.
  • Strong background in web performance principles and page speed optimization techniques.
  • Confident delivering within an aggressive, iterative and collaborative design cycle.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills, interpersonal communications, presentation skills, and written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated success in working within cross-functional teams.

Application Requirements for this Position.

Please submit your application materials to Cristina Heffernan at

  • Submit a letter of interest describing your background, pertinent skills and why you would be a successful candidate for the job.
  • Include a resume of your education and work experience and provide a personal email and phone number.
  • Be prepared to provide a list of references.
  • We will keep your application on file until we are ready to hire (that is once the new Executive Director is in place).