Instructional Recommendation

Instructional Recommendation allows teachers to share teaching insights with other teachers. This tool helps teachers who find an excellent way to explain a particular topic, or teachers who are looking for teaching hints about explaining content. No one teacher can explain everything perfectly. Instructional Recommendation allows teachers to show their teaching strengths, while benefiting from the strengths of fellow teachers.

In addition to providing hints for teachers, we believe Instructional Recommendation will further a spirit of collaboration on the ASSISTments platform. At ASSISTments, we rely on crowdsourcing and collaboration to keep our system up-to-date. Instructional Recommendation would allow us to pool the very best teaching techniques into one repository.

If you have found an excellent teaching technique, why keep it to yourself?

Instructional Recommendation would allow teachers to write messages such as:

"My students struggled a lot with this unit. Remind your class to find a common denominator before adding and subtracting fractions!"