Over the last two decades, Dr. Heffernan's shared scientific infrastructure and student learning tools have benefited from million in grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the U.S. Department of Education (DOE), the Spencer Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Eric Schmidt's philanthropy and many other philanthropic organizations. 

Neil and Cristina Heffernan thank their many past and current funders including NSF (2118725, 2118904, 1950683, 1917808, 1931523, 1940236, 1917713, 1903304, 1822830, 1759229, 1724889, 1636782, & 1535428), IES (R305N210049, R305D210031, R305A170137, R305A170243, R305A180401, R305A120125, R305R220012 & R305T240029), GAANN (P200A120238, P200A180088, & P200A150306), EIR (U411B190024 S411B210024, & S411B220024), ONR (N00014-18-1-2768), NIH (via a SBIR R44GM146483), Schmidt Futures, BMGF, CZI, Arnold, Hewlett and a $180,000 anonymous donation. None of the opinions expressed here are those of the funders.