E-TRIALS Project Coordinator

The E-TRIALS Project: E-TRIALS (Ed Tech Research Infrastructure To Advance Learning Science) is a joint project between the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and The ASSISTments Foundation (TAF) that leverages ASSISTments to support researchers to create randomized controlled trials that strengthen the science of learning. New infrastructure (i.e., software features), funded by NSF, the U.S. Department of Education, and Philanthropy, is being developed to reduce the cost, and increase the volume, of studies conducted by educational researchers using ASSISTments. Professor Neil Heffernan and his spouse Cristina Heffernan created ASSISTments.

This job will require you to support our collaboration withThe ASSISTments Foundation (TAF) a non-profit with a staff dedicated to improving student learning through ASSISTments, a responsive online learning platform that is teacher-paced and evidence-based. ASSISTments experienced tremendous growth in 2020 and is now used by more than 20,000 teachers and their 500,000 students. It is a unique platform that supports teachers and students while also supporting researchers who seek to understand pedagogy and learning. The system is one of few available K-12 math tools proven effective through rigorous randomized controlled research. Professor Heffernan at WPI has several grants that involve him overseeing research and AI work that happens inside of the ASSISTments product, and as such, TAF doing software engineering work to allow that to happen.

Job Summary:

We seek a full-time Project Coordinator to support the growth of our E-TRIALS learning research infrastructure projects. This role will focus on coordinating communication amongst the external researchers with WPI's internal research, and when necessary, with TAF's software development team. This individual will also organize and manage a data library that results from the research projects.



  • Create and maintain an informational website that describes the E-TRIALS project including how the E-TRIALS app is used by researchers.

  • Develop communications and marketing content about the different facets and accomplishments of the E-TRIALS project.

  • Establish and maintain logistics for researchers working with different pieces of a complex process.

  • Support and coordinate a campaign for recruiting researchers to use the E-TRIALS app.

  • Proactively stay up to date with and lead on keeping the whole ASSISTments team abreast on E-TRIALS developments across the project.


  • Execute plans for training and supporting researchers participating in E-TRIALS, including sharing their work with others as inspiration.

  • Establish performance indicators to measure success and quality of training and support programs.

  • Establish effective communication systems and processes between the Director of Product for E-TRIALS and prospective researchers allowing for the product team to learn how to best improve the product in response to researchers needs.

  • Establish effective workflows, processes, and operations to support increased use of E-TRIALS by researchers.


  • Driven to work with small teams in a start-up environment, experience in such environments preferred.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills and the ability to target communication to various audiences, including university academics, industry professionals, and teacher users of ASSISTments.

  • Experience coordinating cross-team projects, managing timelines and stakeholders, and strategizing creative solutions towards clear goals with exceptional attention to detail.

  • Proactive, thoughtful, and entrepreneurial work style on both highly independent and team projects.

  • Experience with the Google suite of office products.

  • Experience with databases such as AirTable or spreadsheets.

  • Experience in K-12 education organizations preferred.

  • Experience in organizations with research, publication, or Ed/Psych focus preferred.

  • Bachelor Degree Required

Please view this job ad and apply via WPI, click here. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. This is typically a paid salary position. If you have any questions, please contact Angela Kao at akao@wpi.edu.