Pilot Projects

Our goal is to give teachers eyes and ears into virtual break-out rooms.

We envision ASSISTments as an online tutoring platform for schools and districts.

In education, AI chatbots could respond to frequently-asked questions with useful feedback, information, and hints to help drive student learning.

We envision quick and targeted tutoring sessions that take place in the moment, as soon as a student gets stuck. We call this approach, tutoring-on-demand or just-in-time-tutoring.

Teachers perform best when they know their class. We want to show teachers what their kids are getting wrong.

ASSISTments has been highly effective in helping middle school students. We want to bring this success into high school classrooms.

Every student is different. ADAPTIVE HOMEWORK tracks individual student progress and gives problem sets to help them

What content have your students mastered, and what are they still learning? PLACEMENTS lets students know where they stand.

Administrators and principals need to know how their teachers are performing. OER Professional Learning would create tools to help schools do their best to educate.

Our nation need to teach data science more! ASSISTments has 20,000 teachers using it. Can we give out a slightly tweaked version version of what those teachers are assigning for homework that add a data science component? We propose to do so for the 20 lesson for Illustrative Mathematics

Data for orchestrating discussion

I want to be funded to take Peg Smith's idea of orchestrating conversations around collaborative problem solving in math class.