On-Demand or Just-in-time Tutoring

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Neil and Cristina Heffernan recently published an opinion piece in The 74, titled "Short Tutoring Session on Demand, Chatbots to Help with Homework Problems--Innovations That Could Get Students Back on Track." Read their article here.

Shown in Heffernan, Rezzaq that lower knowledge students benefit from scaffolding questions. L@S best student paper, got teachers to write hint messages, but nothing interactive. What we WANT to do is get teachers and human tutors to help us for each OER questions, collect the ways each questions can be broken down into steps. We want to demystify good tutoring recipes (include example from Neil's dissertation about Cristina). AI Bots doesn't have to be a scary word. It's just a way to walking a student through a complex problem.

Use the pictures of Re-Do Infrastructure (from Adaptive Homework). From a tutoring angle, we want to help students who don't understand, but students do need to know how to solve the problem on their own.

We asked teachers to create scaffolding questions to break down MCAS questions. We could find many examples of this.