OER Professional Learning

We intend to develop a professional development and data reporting tool for district administrators. This product will be distinct from our free ASSISTments service, but it will utilize ASSISTments data and infrastructure. We envision this Professional Development package will be utilized in one-to-one schools that use OER curricula. By developing smart professional development, we intend to address both the problem of administrator knowledge of their classrooms and the learning curve of implementing new interventions into the classroom.

Our reporting service will allow administrators to use data to monitor what is happening in their classrooms. These curriculum directors will gain information about what teachers are assigning, how students are performing and if teachers are on of off schedule with the curriculum.

The Problem

Curriculum directors are often encouraged to try new educational interventions and curricula in their districts. When these interventions are implemented, it can be very time consuming to know if and how these interventions are being used. Introducing new curricula and educational interventions has a learning curve for students, teachers and administrators. Teachers need professional development to help them overcome these hurdles.

The Opportunity

Curriculum directors and math department heads will be able to select a bell ringer problem and exit ticket problem for each of the 180 school days. This simple initiative that allows curriculum director to use a calendar and lay out daily set of items allows daily data collection.

By gathering data and keeping teachers on the same page with each other, math department heads are able to generate discussion about common wrong answers and student performance during department meetings. Access to data allows school administrators to address teachers who are off schedule. Additionally, administrators can use the data to highlight teachers who are highly successful, allowing them to share insights with their colleagues.

Additionally, we intend to develop rigorous professional development that will allow allow districts to utilize ASSISTments as effectively as possible. These services will help teachers learn about all of the ASSISTments features and teach them to use student data to inform teaching practices.

To summarize, our OER Professional Development package will support administrators, teachers and students. This program will allow administrators to gain greater insight about their schools and will equip teachers with tools about using data in their classrooms. By employing technology in schools and classrooms, administrators and teachers will have a greater handle on which practices are successful and which practices needs improvement.