Big Data


The NSF funded Big Data NorthEast Spoke is a project that raises interest in the merging of Big Data and education. We run workshops to teach Big Data methods, and host competitions to raise interest. So far we have run a competition on using ASSISTments Longitudinal data. 74 researchers from around the world participated, and papers were written by some of the winners and are being submitted for publication to the Journal of Educational Data Mining.

This research addresses several grand challenges in education: 1) Predict future student events, e.g., college attendance, college major, from existing large-scale longitudinal educational data sets involving the same thousands of students. 2) Help teachers to make sense of dense online data to influence their teaching, e.g., what should they say or do in response to student activity. 3) Provide personal instruction to each student based on using big data that represents student skills and behavior and infers students' cognitive, motivational, and metacognitive factors in learning.