Efficacy Trial

Our Efficacy Trial seeks to confirm whether ASSISTments is effective in North Carolina, a setting which more closely reflects the population of the U.S. Please visit our requirement site to apply to participate.

In a previous IES-funded efficacy study, conducted in Maine, ASSISTments was found to lead to beneficial impacts on student learning outcomes. Our Efficacy Trial will examine the impacts of this intervention with a more diverse sample, use the State standardized test as the student outcome measure, and rely on mathematics coaches (instead of the intervention developers) to provide professional development and support to teachers.

Experimental conditions

Immediate Use Group

    • Teachers will be trained in person to use ASSISTments in January 2019

    • Teachers will assign HW with ASSISTments ~3 nights/week 2018-20

    • Teachers will have free access to ASSISTments after Summer 2020

Delayed Use Group

    • Teachers will assign HW without ASSISTments ~3 nights/week 2018-20

    • Teachers will be trained to use ASSISTments during Summer 2020

    • Teachers will have free access to ASSISTments after Summer 2020

Setting and Sample

Participating schools will be located in rural, suburban and urban districts across North Carolina. The sample will include low-performing schools and students from lower-socioeconomic-status backgrounds.Study participants include approximately 198 seventh-grade teachers and 10,400 students drawn from 66 public middle/junior high schools in the state of North Carolina.

Initial interviews after the study.