Student Fellowship

Students who are interested in working with Dr. Heffernan are eligible to receive student fellowships. Dr. Heffernan supports Ph.D. students in three areas: Computer Science, Data Science, and Learning Sciences & Technologies (LS&T). Funding is sometimes available to support highly qualified Masters students as well.

When reviewing Ph.D. student applications, Dr. Heffernan look for students who have at least one of the following:

1) a strong background in cognitive science,

2) a strong math background (probability, statistics, machine learning, data mining), and

3) research experience and published work.

Dr. Heffernan support students focused on 1) educational data mining and 2) software engineering that will be used to create tools that can be used to run randomized controlled trials on student learning, as well as folks who have some teaching experience. Support for many of the LS&T students come from applications to our GAANN award.