Using TeacherASSIST

TeacherASSIST gives teachers the ability to create feedback for their students for any problem they have selected. The feedback can be in the form of Hints or Explanations and teachers can choose between text or video format. Any teacher already using ASSISTments can turn this feature on and only your students will see the hints and explanations you create.

Blog about TeacherASSIST

Read Andrew Burnett's Blog about TeacherASSIST as one of 4 steps to making homework a learning opportunity.

Testing Content for Effectiveness

At ASSISTments, we want to distribute only the best content. In order to see which explanations and hints are working, we will run tests on teacher-sourced content. This will help us to not only find content that works, but also persoanlize content to different types of student learners.

ASSISTments Star Teachers

We like to highlight amazing teachers! If you want to share your problem hints and explanations with fellow teachers, eachers can apply to be Star-Teachers. Any hint created by a Star-Teacher will be delivered to all students using the content. If you have started building feedback apply to be a Star-Teacher, email us at assistments@wpi.edu.